Saturday, October 15, 2011

Confessions of a Guitly Mother

Here it is: I don't like to cook/bake with my children, most of the time. Now in the summer I'm with them a whole lot more and our pace is much more relaxed, so I do include them in baking somewhat regularly. Well, by them I mean G. For whatever reason we get along easily in the kitchen. She and I are more similar, especially in our... "neatness" abilities. S's style is a more hands-on-get-your-hands-dirty style and it just doesn't jive with me. It's more than the mess that cooking with kids makes. I prefer to do it alone to BE alone. My alone time is limited and even though my family is around me, cooking/baking is something I enjoy doing by myself. The reason I feel guilty about it is I know they are interested and I do like to include them in the experience by calling them into the kitchen throughout the process to see the vegetables before, during and after cooking. I don't want the food on their plates to be a mystery to them. I want them to appreciate the work that goes into preparing a delicious meal. My girls actually play computer games where they follow recipes and bake and cook things. Shouldn't I be letting them do the real thing?