Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, I have a blog

Yeah, blogging is an afterthought. What can I say, two weeks back at school and I'm getting up early, going to bed early... my brain needs lots of extra rest. Something new I've experienced this year is that learning new names has affected my recalling names of students I had last year in a few situations. However, the brain fatigue isn't as bad this fall as it was last fall. I felt so brain dead at the end of each day last year during the first weeks of school because I was planning so much and learning so much. This year I'm reusing most lesson plans. I only have one class that I'm making up as I go. Shhhh... don't tell them! Truthfully, I have lots of ideas and plans for them, it's just that it's the first year I'm teaching the class with all my own lesson plans and not the previous teacher's schedule. While I'm reusing plans in other classes, I'm finding I'm better at teaching them because I've learned where students get confused from past classes, so I can be more concise and more clear in my delivery of instruction.

Cheers to all the teachers out there back at it this school year. I'm extremely grateful to be working and I love teaching. I'm happy to be at the school I am, and have the students I have. My own kids are also glad to be back at school, though getting up early isn't their cup o' tea either!

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