Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Your brother might have broken his neck

I was happy I'd come back from the beach a little earlier than my parents so I could get my shower and clear out of our shared bathroom. I was just finishing up my hair when my mom knocked on the door and asked if she could get in there in a minute. Sure, I replied. Then she said she had to get over to my brother at the hospital. My stomach dropped, What happened?! She responded very calmly, Oh, he might have broken his neck.

What the?!

Turns out that right after my sister and I left the beach, our brother had a bad wipe out boogie boarding and the lifeguards were alerted. He was taken by ambulance on a board to the hospital which was just behind where we were at the beach. Ahead of him at the emergency room were three other people in swimsuits with neckbraces, apparently the injury of the day. Also, there were some dehydrated kids. After x-rays, my bro was diagnosed as having strained his neck muscles. Thank God. Another soul was not as fortunate and had to be transfered to a mainland hospital for his broken neck. What a vacation.

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