Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh where, oh where has my summer gone?

For starters, I took a class on teaching smart kids with learning difficulties. It's for re-certification and was really informative and enjoyable--one of my favorite combinations of adjectives! Now, I have "homework" to do to complete the course. Also, I've been on my kids about getting their summer homework completed this month. What else have I been doing... I've been keeping up with my own lesson planning for my new courses I'm teaching this coming school year; and I've been going through some "new" series or just new seasons of my favorite shows through Netflix; and reading for enjoyment; and going to the gym; and playing with my kids--teaching them to ride bikes (G can ride a two wheeler!) and juicing and cooking and baking and.... yeah, keeping busy. Next up on my busy summer-to-do-list: painting some decorative wall treatments with some students at my school! I was out there today and my classroom is emptied of everything to re-wax the floors. So then there's all that work of putting it back together before the start of the school year. Still, I'm loving the weather and the sun and extra daylight hours and spending more time with my family. Really, that's what summer is for.

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