Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food Blog: Tomato Sauce Makes It All Good

I learned this tip from one of Natalia Rose's books. It's so true! Yesterday I made a "lasagna" type dish, otherwise called a casserole. I told my kids to think of it as noodle-less lasagna. They ate it pretty well, with the help of buttered toast and the promise of Lindeman's Italian Ice afterwards.

Lauren's Cabbage Lasagna:
Precooked Chopped Head of Cabbage
2 Yellow squash
Handful of Baby Spinach
1/4 cup diced Onion
1 Jar of Tomato Sauce

Basically just layer to your heart's desire in a Pyrex baking dish. I've done this with precooked Polenta as well in place of noodles. This time I put a layer of yellow squash, onion, spinach, sauce. Then cabbage followed by more onion and sauce and then another layer of squash topped off with sauce. I used a little pepper and dry basil leaves to enhance the flavors. I quite enjoyed it!

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Liane said...

sounds good! you should make that cabbage casserole i emailed you.