Thursday, June 23, 2011


Oh these burgers I had were so good! The recipe is from Crazy Sexy Diet (CSD) by Kris Carr and they have black beans and rice and sweet potatoes and were just delicious on sprouted grain bread. So, so good.

Also! I am on day two of the CSD 21 Day Cleanse. I'm not being super strict with myself. I'm avoiding gluten as much as possible and, of course, staying vegetarian. But, I'm allowing myself some homemade vegan desserts. I'm keeping a written food journal and just being aware of portions and snacking. I'm using the Cleanse outline in CSD to stay motivated and improve my wellness routine in general, which is really what the book is about. I'm also using tips from Natalia Rose's Detox for Women. Of course I want to feel great, but I am focused on losing weight. The donuts, the bagels, the late night snacking through the winter all lead to my not fitting into my spring clothes! Yeah, my boobs are a little bigger, but I want to fit into my shorts, dammit! I'll sacrifice a little boob for that.

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Liane said...

OK It's now July 7th. I need more food blogging from you! I made my first experimental recipe last night: Zucchini, Carrot, Banana, Oat muffins. Good taste, but quite dense and I didn't cook them long enough, so the texture was a little off. Not vegan, but you could easily make them vegan as they only used 2 egg whites!