Monday, June 13, 2011

Food Blog Summer 2011: Purple Blondies

Today is our first official day of summer vacation and I've started a new reward system with my kids. They have to keep their rooms clean and do a good job helping around the house in general Monday-Friday and then on Friday they get to choose a prize to be given sometime the following week. They get the weekend off from their rooms--a total change from the school year routine where they had to clean rooms and put away clean clothes every weekend. We started the system last week, since it was an easy last week of school. S chose a simple trip to Rita's Italian Ice, which we'll do later today, and G chose to bake something with me.

We joined a CSA this year and got our first share last Tuesday, so I had two baked PURPLE sweet potatoes in the fridge and I wanted to do some kind of dessert with them. For whatever reason, G, who normally likes orange sweet potatoes, was adverse to eating the purple variety. She even struggled to try one bite! But, when I told her about my plan for dessert she was just so excited to bake that she didn't argue. I showed her the picture at this blog and explained the difference between a brownie and a blondie and she was game. I'll have to get the book from the library this summer and write down some more recipes to try.

Here are pictures from our adventures in baking Purple Blondies:

The picture of the pan is actually before baking. The batter is pretty thick, as you can see in the mixing bowl, and and it has be be spread out in the pay. After baking it doesn't look much different, just a little dryer. I didn't have the brown sugar the recipe calls for, so I just substituted white sugar. Also, I cut down on the spices to just use 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice. My oldest is sensitive to spices and sometimes gets a rash from cinnamon and nutmeg. But a sweet potato dessert without spice is just wrong!

After having these for snack the kids and I give them 5 stars. The best part is they are my favorite color! (That and they're vegan.)

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