Friday, April 1, 2011

Portman isn't really a single mom

Huckabee commented on Natalie Portman's "single-mom pregnancy" and said his purpose was to bring focus to the fact that most single moms are struggling. The problem with the person he chose to comment about is she's not a single mom. She's pregnant and not married, but she's engaged. Even if she weren't engaged, but just "with" the baby's father she still wouldn't be a single mom. His focus on marriage is ridiculous and feminists are rightly upset about his insinuation that women cannot support a family alone. Granted, he is right in pointing out that many single-parent families are suffering and need help, but two-parent households are suffering, too. Also, why focus on the single mothers? The question Huckabee is not asking is where are the fathers? Conservatives put the blame on women, but men are not exempt from blame. Judgement of other's life choices really bothers me. Marriage is not the only situation in which children can be healthfully raised and an unhealthy marrige is never better for kids than no marriage. Let's get real here. I'm all for marriage, but it's not the end-all-be-all conservatives make it out to be.

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