Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time flies

Apparently the earth is spinning faster or will spin faster sooner than later. Will we feel this quickening of time? Time is such an interesting concept. It's a difficult, intangible thing for young children to understand. G is always trying to figure out if something is a long time or not a long time and what amount of time is longer than another amount of time. Car rides seem to be a good starting point for comparison and time spent in the car feels longer than time spent elsewhere, such as playing on the computer. We all experience time going by faster when we're busy or absorbed in doing something. I once read an article that talked about slowing down time by changing activities and habits drastically whenever life becomes routine. I've always loved routine. At the same time, though, I do like doing new things. Each year with growing children gives rise to new routines. But maybe our changes aren't enough to slow time. The time between birthdays seems much shorter now for me. I have been looking forward to my next birthday for years because I always thought that age would make me grown--REALLY grown, but now that it is less than six months away I am not thrilled to be leaving my.... twenties! That's right, I'm almost 30. Will's 30th just wasn't that big of a deal. My mom made a cake, we had dinner and sang Happy Birthday with family. And then he was 30. That was that. Probably my birthday will pass with the same simpleness and lack of bravado, but that's how I like my life. Family is most important to me and it's not all my birthday anymore, it's G's, too. She'll be 6 and I'll be 30 and we'll be another year older. Before that happens, though, there are exciting events in the coming months: We're all in our first musical together! S will have her First Eucharist. G will be in her first dance recital and S in her second. Both will finish another year of school and summer--our favorite time--will be here and that means staying up late, running barefoot in the yard catching lightening bugs with neighbors while Will and I sit on the porch drinking Natty Bo and chatting with the other parents. There are always good times to be had. I hope they are the memories that are strongest for my girls and each time-out/grounding fades. For me, that's how it is.

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Cat said...

Just a head's up: 30's not that bad. :)