Friday, February 11, 2011

On Valentines

What are YOU doing for this holiday? Will and I had dinner out last Friday while my sister and brother-in-law babysat. We hadn't been out just us for a loooong time. Not that we don't get time together, it's just that our basement hangout gets a little old. I made Will a card at school. That reminds me...

Will and I met in January. I'm pretty sure Valentines was our first kiss. I do remember I made him a little Valentine's card and gave it to him in my dorm room. That was the first thing I ever made him. I've made him little things through the years. That first Valentines was a little awkward. Even though I knew he liked me and I really liked him, we hadn't professed our love for one another, nor had we verbalized dating exclusivity. I remember being nervous to give him the card. It wasn't super romantic. My roommate may have even been in the room at the time. I played it off as not being a big deal. But then, a little later, sitting on my dorm couch together, with his arm around my shoulders, he leaned in and it was the most beautiful, wonderful kiss. When it was over I responded, "I was wondering when you'd get around to doing that." He then reminded me that we HAD kissed. But I didn't count it because it was a little goodbye peck which was kind of a mistake. I was just leaning in for a hug and he went for the kiss. I don't know if I pulled back in surprise or if he only meant it to be quick. Either way, the real first kiss, the one I count on Valentine's Day 2000, was unforgettable. Fireworks. For real.

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