Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue skies

Waking up to a blue sky today felt so wonderful. (I changed the background on my blog, I love it so much.) We were also able to leave the house wearing just jackets! It was too blustery to do much outside, but the girls played soccer this morning so at least they got their exercise. Now it's supposed to dip into the 20s over night and there may be snow by Tuesday morning! Well, like my principal reminded the school at the assembly Friday, it's only February and we have a long ways to go until the end of the school year. Fine with me, I'm not wanting it to end. I just like the sun and warmer temperatures!

I dream about living somewhere that is warm all year, but I'd miss the winter around Christmas. It's just that after January I'm over it. Then I think about what a warm climate has: B-U-G-S! Fire ants, flies coming in the house anytime the door is opened, (killer) bees, bigger spiders... all the creepy crawlies we experienced in North Carolina. Then I really value the respite winter gives us from these creatures.

So, bring on the snow for one, or two, last harrahs and then I will rejoice when spring arrives.

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