Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plant Blood

I've been drinking my fill of the delicious sunshine-filled blood of plants. Inspired by Kris Carr and her newest book, it's been so great to have the energy that green juice gives me. No more 3pm crashes. It's been WONDERFUL! To show support for Kris Carr and also to bask in her glow, I went to see her on her book tour stop here in Baltimore! It was very surreal to see her in person. Her vlogs are such real portrayals of her, that seeing her in person is akin to watching a vlog post. But then I got to speak to her and thank her for stopping in Baltimore and I got my book signed. Yay! She signed it Peace, Love and Veggies. I didn't bring my camera, so no pics to put on facebook, but it wasn't about that. I was so happy just to be there and excited to get my book signed that I was teary-eyed during her talk. She was so enthusiastic and a great speaker.

I've been bringing mason jars of green juice to work with me and sipping throughout the day. Here's a post about my student's reactions. Pretty funny.


Olah Momma! said...

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That plant blood is one thing I need to try soon. I just could hardly figure out how to easily obtain it other than having your own juicer. Any tips?
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Lauren M said...

Maybe you have a juice bar near you? It's best to have it freshly made, but sometimes grocery stores carry it. It's probably pasteurized, though. I never thought I'd own a juicer, but it's the best investment. I recommend a Breville. There are various models and price points.