Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution

Just to update, in case you were unaware, my resolution this year is to detox (again!) and to put the focus back on raw foods, green juices and having energy. I have some minor to moderate health concerns including eczema, seborrhea dermatitis (similar to psoriasis), possible systemic candida (not diagnosed, but I have many symptoms of this), and acid reflux. I use medication for all of these issues except the candida. I don’t have a problem taking medicine, but truly, these health problems come from internal inflammation and what I eat. Clean cells do not allow disease and that’s what I want. I’m following Natalia Rose’s book Detox for Women. I’ve followed her guidelines before, but over time much of the program went out the window. After this holiday season of eating lots of goodies and lots of cheese, I decided New Years was a good time to start getting back on track. I joined a gym because I love group exercise classes and that combined with a detoxifying vegetarian diet will get me feeling better. I’m logging my food intake and how I feel each day at my blog. You can also find this post at Momma's Lounge.

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