Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boots 2011

I love my Bare Traps suede ankle boots. I wear them every day I have off from school and any school day I wear jeans. All my jeans are either boot cut or straight leg jeans. I do no own skinny jeans. I do own leggings, as of this winter, for wearing under sweater dresses. I own three sweater dresses and have only worn one with leggings to a wedding. I wore high heels but should have worn flats due to the amount of dancing and then walking I did. Anyway, I've been thinking about getting knee high boots. I did have a faux leather pair in black that I'd gotten at Wal-mart many years ago. The style of these boots had gone out of fashion so I donated them to Good Will this past summer. I recently went to the mall to get new sneakers for working out and I saw many a woman in knee-high boots. The thing I noticed is that women of ALL ages were wearing them with pants tucked in. Since I don't own skinny jeans I'd decided that if I wore knee-high boots it'd be with leggings or tights. Does the fact that every age group of women wears boots over pants mean that the fad is going out the door or that it's here to stay for longer? That I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that I'm not interested in buying leather shoes. Granted, my new sneakers do have leather and are not all man-made materials as I'd prefer, but I did what I could. I have a budget and a need and I did the best to meet those two criteria. There are boots that are made with fabrics and not leather and if I do get new ankle boots they will not be leather. G has a pair of uber fashionable boots. They are similar to Uggs, in brown suede. We bought them at a thrift store. She loves dressing nicely, so she appreciates them. Her favorite way to wear them is with tights and a dress. She had a soccer practice this morning and instead of staying in her sweat pants and T-shirt, when we got home she changed into tights, a dress and dress shoes. What a girlie girl!

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