Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding Support

Here I am at 2 in the afternoon having some ME time. At work. Ha! It's actually doable today with no students. Today is a professional day because of exams. Well, I'm done grading and have been straightening the classroom, decluttering, putting things away and just generally getting organized for a new semester. Wiping the slate clean--literally! I love clean blackboards. White boards are easier and cleaner, but I have to work with what I have.

So, I'm eating half a grapefruit and drinking green tea. Green tea is not recommended by Natalia Rose, but it has good antioxidants and I enjoy it, so I have it occasionally. I usually drink herbal or decaf tea. I watched Kris Carr's latest vlog and it got me really excited because I'm getting exactly what I need: Community. She is starting a 21 day cleanse starting on the 17th. Her book is out right now, but if you're going to buy it, wait until the 16th through the 21st so it can be on the best seller list. I'm definitely getting a copy. But even before I do, I'll be going to her site to follow along with the cleanse. I know I already started 10 days ago and I've been doing really well, but I need more support. Knowing there is a whole community of people changing their eating at the same time and in similar ways is supportive, encouraging and just plain comforting. Just watching Kris Carr's vlogs and seeing she is a real person who really is eating to live, to coin a phrase, shows that it is doable. Granted, she got a kick in the pants with a cancer diagnosis, but that doesn't make it any easier to keep going. In fact, it probably makes it harder at times.

One thing that keeps running through my head: Lauren, you already know the information in the book. You've been reading Crazy Sexy Life since it launched and the regular blog before hand. What do you need the book for?

When it comes to spending money I try to talk myself out of it. "Do you need it? Can you live without it?" This is what I hear in my head. My answer for this book? I want it! I want to support the site that I read for free every day. Also, I'm sure there is information in there I would learn from. Besides, reading things over again helps you learn them and put them into practice. Believe me, I will get this book.

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