Sunday, January 30, 2011

Famous anonymity

My in-laws took my girls to Baltimore Oriole's Fan Fest yesterday. They got a couple signatures on their baseballs and had a fun time. S will tell you she prefers the Orioles and over the Ravens and doesn't understand why she should support both when she really doesn't like football. Truthfully, I'm with her! Shhh. Don't tell anyone. I wear purple to church often and people assume I'm a fan and I'm showing my support. Really, I just like purple and it looks good on me.
Here's where my father-in-law is mentioned in a totally anonymous way in The Sun:
"The optimism was evident in the long line of fans that snaked around the Convention Center on a chilly morning long before the doors had opened. It was evident inside as well as one fan wore an Orioles jacket that included the years of the team's three World Series championships and a label that read, "This spot reserved for 2011."
He's the "one fan" with the "jacket." Pretty cool.

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