Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Detox Day 7

Breakfast: Lara bar and coffee
Lunch: Egg salad (two hard boiled eggs and mayo) over baby spinach and 1/2 cucumber peeled
Snack: I couldn't wait for dinner, so when I got home at three I made a dinner type meal: One bunch of rainbow chard (not organic this time) sauteed with garlic and butter and mixed in leftover quinoa/corn noodles. Swiss chard is so beautiful. As soon as this chard got cooking I could smell the difference from the last chard I had which was organic. It was not as sweet and mild, but it was still good. I ate a big plate of that, had a tad bit of red wine (I love it with greens) and then I was still wanting something else so I had a bowl of Go Lean Crunch cereal with almond milk.

Play practice was scheduled for this evening but has been canceled due to some snow (not much) and possible ice. I'm starting to get a little hungry again. I might heat up some of what the kids had for dinner even though it's probably not the best for the digestive system. I made them Tostatas. I toasted a tortilla in the oven, cut it into triangles and put Gimme Lean ground beef (vegan) on top. I'd sauteed the veggie meat in a skillet with garlic breaking it up into small crumbles. I put a heafty portion of guacamole on top. I made it using a little salsa, garlic powder and fork mashed avocado.

Today is my last entry (for now) titled Detox Day. I'm going to continue eating light to heavy and focus on keeping green juice and leafy greens a regular part of my daily diet. I'm also going to stay away from junk food like donuts and cookies and have cereal and dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'll continue logging my food often as it helps me keep track of how I'm eating. Looking back, I had three days grain free! That is HUGE for me! I usually have bread of some sort with every meal: donut or toast in the morning, crackers at lunch, pasta at dinner, toast or biscuit for snack. Cutting it out noticeably helped with bloating. I felt lighter and my pants felt less tight (even while menstruating, which most women experience some bloating with). I'm also going to continue doing group exercise classes. I expect to be noticing weight loss in the next couple weeks with this routine. I already feel better. Greens make such a difference! I realized I love being hydrated. I'm making more of a conscious effort to drink from my water bottle throughout the day and when I get home, I keep it nearby and finish any water that is left. Then I refill it about half way and drink that through the evening. For a couple nights during this seven days I had to use the bathroom around 2-3 am, but the last two nights I have not and I've been drinking even more water and green juice. Go figure!

I would really like a two-hour delay tomorrow. That way I could take the time to juice. Ideally I'd like to have three mason jars of green juice to have throughout the morning. That would keep me feeling satisfied until lunch.

What did I do well today: Combined well (so far!) Said no to donuts left on the table for teachers (I literally had to say no, no, no to myself until I listened. In the past I'd say, no, no, oh fine, go ahead.) Drank water. Did not have any sugar until the cereal this afternoon. Not having sugar in the morning and at lunch is also huge for me.

I am enjoying eating this way and continue to look through Detox for Women to find new recipe ideas and combinations that are good to have. Even though I've eaten this way for an extended time before (when I started this blog) it takes some relearning after not following it. Sometimes I'd think about my food combining and I'd realize how it was affecting me. I just wasn't ready to change it. As I read from one woman's testimonial in the book, it's not just that the food needs to change, but other facets of your life might be disordered and need fixing. Once that happens, then the food is easy to do. And, really, that's true. I couldn't focus on eating this way when I was stressed with commuting to work and not knowing where my family would be living or when we'd move. Now that we are comfortable in our own home, have joined a gym, are involved in fun extracurricular activities and feel stable in many ways, I can focus on feeding myself well again.

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