Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detox Day 5

I slept in today, so I started with my coffee later in the morning. I was ready to eat by lunch.
Lunch: Avocado and Tomato Salad: 1/2 tomato and 1/2 avocado; 3 small purple cabbage leaves with diced avocado; 6 oz green juice (frozen juice made with collards, turnip greens, romaine, celery, lemon and who knows what else--Will made it a month ago).
Snack: 10 oz green juice; handful of red pepper slices and baby carrots
Dinner 6:00 PM: Butternut squash soup (vegetarian from a box)
Then I went to get some groceries and came back to overcooked sweet potatoes. I'd forgotten to tell Will to take them out of the oven while I was gone. Oh, well. They were still edible!
Dinner continued: 3 small sweet potatoes with vegan butter and sea salt; a glass of red wine. I waited an hour and then had 3 scrambled eggs with goat cheese. YUM! Another filling and satisfying day. I dropped and broke an egg. Know how I cleaned it up? Baking soda. I sprinkled it on, let it absorb, then swept it up. Voila. No disgusting egg soaked paper towels. I'd read or saw that somewhere years ago and actually had to do it one time before when G was a toddler and pulled eggs out of the fridge. I was more concerned with her touching them because of her allergy and had to wash her hands off right away. I didn't know how sensitive she'd be, but all was fine, including the kitchen floor.

Also today, I started play practice with a community theater that involves people from my parish and the K-12 school. Ages six through adult are involved. It was a fun practice involving singing and some dancing. It'll be a busy two months getting ready, but should be fun. S is in the play, too. She's really the reason I decided to do it and my sister joined as well!

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