Friday, January 7, 2011

Detox Day 3

Yay! We had a snow day today. That gave me extra sleep. Hooray! I had my grapefruit and stevia sweetened coffee this morning. At lunch I had carrots dipped in salsa and a mug of carrot and sweet potato soup. I had a good appetite and found that I ate all but two carrots before the bell rang. I'd brought extra for after school, so it was more than I expected to have the appetite for.

Early this evening I made the green scrambled eggs again. Garlic, onion, purple cabbage and kale with three eggs and goat cheese. Also, I added an avocado and a tomato. Starches (the avocado) aren't supposed to be combined with protein (egg) but I feel like I need the extra food. It's better than doing bread with eggs. Then, an hour later, I was wanting more of the same thing, so I did the quick version of just two eggs and cheese. I was still feeling hungry an hour after that, so I had two celery sticks with goat cheese and a bowl of carrot and sweet potato soup. Oh so yummy! Tomorrow, being Saturday, I plan on having green juice through the morning, salad at lunch and more kale at dinner. Gotta eat it up.

I think to make this program more effective I need to bring more prepared veggies to school. Sometimes I'm hungry late morning when I have a planning period and I'm definitely hungry by 3PM. Carrot sticks and pepper and cucumber slices would be ideal.

Now I'm embarking on the first weekend of my detox. I want to be more strict this first week in avoiding bread, chocolate and alcohol (which I had the first two days) and then add in the best of those things while combining properly. It's easy to eat more while at home. I do better when I'm working. I need to focus on the goal. I just have to do seven days, then I can be more lenient and add more fruits and some chocolate and wine and sprouted grain bread and millet and even cereal! I'd love to eat a bowl of honey nut cheerios right now. With a banana in it. Oooops, not a good combo. Okay, so I won't have that. I'll be going to bed soon, so I've made it to the end of a successful day. One little oopsie in combining this evening, but over all a good day and another step toward a good few days of anti-candida detoxing. Itchiness has died down some, but elimination hasn't been great. So, obviously, I'm not getting rid of waste like I should be. I think it'll be kicking in soon, though.

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