Thursday, January 6, 2011

Detox Day 2

Thursday 8:30 am
I woke up hungry again. Also, I had terrible restless leg the last two nights. Maybe it's the sulfates in the wine? I'll research that. I brought two frozen jars of green juice with me today and a grapefruit. I haven't had the juice yet. It's defrosting in warm water in the sink. I'm using a little less stevia in my coffee and it's a better taste. I ate my grapefruit with stevia, but I'm not completely full feeling. I'm sipping my coffee and when I finish it I'll drink water until the green juice is ready. As long as I get the juice in my stomach by 10:00 AM I think I'll feel satisfied. Again, I don't feel shaky or week. I just have a slight feeling of hunger in my stomach. Maybe it wants some rye toast like my kids had this morning! Nope. It'll have to wait until this evening. Speaking of this evening, maybe I'll have salad, soup and toast. Good combination there.

2:40 PM
I ended up drinking most of my green juice during a class right before lunch. It really grossed out the kids, which was hilarious. Then I had a mug of carrot and sweet potato soup for lunch. That on top of the juice was enough to fill me up. I'm eating red pepper slices now because I am hungry, but the feeling is different. It's not so painful or nagging. It's more of a legitimate hunger. I've had good energy today. Yesterday I felt more hunger pains, but today I felt lighter and more energized. I think it will only get better. I'm feeling less bloated than I did before yesterday. The last few months I've been feeling bloated much of the time and not, you know, "going" enough. Nothing has really changed in that department, yet. It's too soon. The more green juice I drink, though, the more I'll detoxify. I'm going to continue eating lots of cooked food in the evening to maintain a steady level of detox and not have too much. Too much detox is certainly not a good thing. It can give you congestion, headache, nausea. I haven't had that happen and I don't want to. When I get home today I'm going to have my last banana in a smoothie with blueberry and vanilla almond milk. That'll give me enough energy to fix dinner for the kids and then for myself. It is tough eating differently than the girls. I've always enjoyed eating the same as them, or vice verse, really. Truthfully, though, there will still be nights when we all eat the same. Just not yet. I don't have any grains in the house except whole wheat pasta, which I'm not eating, and a little brown rice, which S doesn't even like. I need to get quinoa and millet.

5:45 PM
Even though I'd had red pepper slices in the afternoon, I was hungry when I got home, so we ate dinner at 4:45. It's not early for the kids because they go to bed at 7 pm and sometimes earlier. I did not have the smoothie. I really wanted bread. I had rye bread, which has no added sugar, with Dijon mustard, a whole avocado and Roma tomato. It hit the spot! Then I had one more slice of bread with vegan butter. An hour later and I'm still full, but I can't stop thinking about food! What do I want? I'm not feeling the satisfaction I did from last night's lovely dinner.

I've been reading Detox for Women and reviewing the principles. I knew bread was not a good option for detox, but baby steps! To do a detox that will get rid of candida I need to eliminate alcohol, fruit (ALL fruit!), chocolate and grains. Boo! It wouldn't be forever, though. I would eventually add all that back in and be sure to combine well. Rose gives three detox options in her book. The first option, the easiest, is called "Baptism by Sunshine" and is to do as much as one can with plenty of room to bend. The second option is "The Systemic Cleanse" and is the strictest to rid the system of yeast. It can be done for one to four weeks. The other option is to follow the basic detox program which does include wine, some fruit, grain and chocolate. Once detox is complete and the body restored to health, then various fruits and grains can be included such as sprouted grain bread and certain cereals. Fish and egg are permitted as well.

I'll continue to do my best avoiding sugar, grain, fruit and alcohol, but I'll probably have it every few days. I may continue to have grapefruit for breakfast. I'm feeling good with that. I plan to get probiotics, too.

8:30 pm
For a snack I had romaine lettuce with Dijon mustard and Goats cheese. Yum. Hit the spot! And it was a good bit after I'd had dinner, so it shouldn't be terrible on my system. Then I had some non-dairy chocolate chips. They have sugar, but I couldn't fight it. I also drank some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then, I was satisfied.

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