Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Detox Day 1

Wednesday 10:23 AM.
I am hungry! I woke up hungry this morning; probably because I ate such easily digestible food yesterday evening. I packed a grapefruit, stevia and Silk creamer for breakfast at work. I used the stevia in my coffee and on my grapefruit. There is an aftertaste with it, which is different than sugar in coffee, but it was okay. I just reminded myself that it wasn’t sugar and it was a different cup of coffee than I usually have. I would like to give up coffee completely and end my addiction to caffeine, but I think cutting out the sugar and dairy creamer is the better answer right now.
While my stomach feels hunger pains, I do not feel shaky as I sometimes do when I have bread for breakfast or skip it altogether and just have sugary coffee. I have read that the hunger feeling occurs just because the body is used to eating at that time. If you change the time you eat, you’ll feel the hunger pain. If you eat quicker digesting foods, the same thing happens. My stomach is empty now. I should drink water, but I am in a different classroom at this time and do not have it with me.
I am looking forward to lunch. Usually I feel pretty glum about lunches that I pack because I just throw them together in the morning. Today’s lunch was thought out, though. I have a bowl of my carrot and sweet potato soup I made last night and a small salad. I predict by the end of the school day I will feel hungry again because lunch is a quick exit combination. I need to pick up some sprouted grain bread from Ezekiel brand. Oh boy, that with avocado on it would be delicious!
As you can see, I’m still feeling motivated. I may go to the gym tonight for a weight lifting/toning class. I just need to get the kids early enough to get some dinner into them and a smoothie into me.

Wednesday Lunch 11:30 AM
I am so glad it’s lunch time! However, once I started eating my salad, I tired of it quickly. I should have put goat cheese or avocado in it. I like it creamier. The soup was delicious and even though it was a good size portion, I ate it quickly. I should have brought more for afternoon snack. I did well! I refused a cookie. I haven’t had any sugar today. Now I’m ready for the afternoon.

Wednesday afternoon 2:00 PM
I’m hungry again. It’s those quick exit foods. My stomach is empty and it doesn’t like it. I know I don’t need food, but my belly wants to feel full. I’ve made a cup of green tea sweetened with stevia. I should have just had it unsweetened. The taste is not agreeing with me. I do want to get used to the taste of stevia, so I’m drinking it. I’m also drinking my water. I never finish all the water in my Camelbak water bottle, but I should.
Goals I’ve met so far: No sugar. No dairy. No grain. Raw fruit and vegetables. Cooked vegetables.
My plan for this evening’s food: When I get home I’m going to have a smoothie consisting of a banana, blueberries and vanilla almond milk. Banana is not an approved fruit for the anti-candida four week detox, but I have some at home and I still believe in baby steps. Plus, it will give me good energy for the gym. The girls will have leftover kale and pasta before going to the gym. When we get home I’ll have kale, salad and soup. I may drop by the store for Ezekiel bread so I can have that tonight, too, and some Silk creamer to keep at home.

Wednesday Evening 8:00 PM
I am full! This evening we got home at 4:30. I gave the girls dinner and I drank a smoothie. Then we went to the gym and the grocery store. Giant did not have sprouted grain bread. They had various gluten free breads, but they had sugar in them and I really don't want a bread that just gluten free. I want sprouted grain. So, I got rye bread and if I'm craving bread, then I'll have that in the evening. When we got home I was starving. The girls were hungry, too. They had a little snack while I made my awesome dinner. I basically made what Natalia Rose calls a "Hungry Girl Omlet." I was definitely a hungry girl. I started by sauteing two cloves of garlic and one small onion. Then I added red pepper slices and shredded purple cabbage. I whisked three eggs and poured them over the veggies. It wasn't an omlet, but scrambled eggs. The eggs actually turned green! The bluish purple of the cabbage mixed with the yellow of the eggs is probably what did it. Then I diced an avacado and one roma tomato, put it all on a plate and ate. Oh delicious. I paced myself. I could have scarfed it down, but then I wouldn't have been satisfied. I ate while watching previously aired episodes of How I Met Your Mother. The website kept freezing at first, so that helped me take breaks from eating to try to reload it. I also had two glasses of red wine. Now that I'm finished, I don't crave bread, not really, but I'd told myself that protein and bread do not combine well, so it wasn't an option. I don't crave sweet either. Oh, get this. My poor husband had to stay home sick today and ordered himself pizza. It was in the oven when I got home, but I did not even take a nibble. I guess I hadn't really made it clear to him that I'm detoxing, because he told me it was there. Not that he shouldn't have cheese and pizza in the house. I am very satisfied with today. The class I took today used barbell weights and focuses on toning and building muscle. I'm not sore like I was the first time I took this class two weeks ago. I was so sore it was painful to life my water glass that evening! Today I feel good. I'm going to bed successful and happy.
My greenish eggs.

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