Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet

Today is the third day Will and I have been on the 21 day cleanse following the book. I haven't actually gotten the book, but I have been following posts at My Crazy Sexy Life. Check out my new badge over there. Isn't that fun? You can join too! Great sales pitch, eh? (I'm practicing in case we have to move to Canada in the future. Shh.)

Anyway, day three, but the official cleanse started four days ago, so you'll find people on the site who are going through major detox. It's tough. The first time I detoxed it was amazing. My body was so toxic. It's not the same this time around. I'm still keeping in mind Natalia Rose's recommendations for food combining and detoxing for seven days before was good, except then I ate a couple sandwiches and Will made brownies... and blah blah. So for a week I was not following the detox program and then I told Will about the 21 day cleanse and all it entailed and voila, we're doing it together! He has impressed me. He went to Chipotle and didn't have meat or tortilla! Crazy. Just crazy. I was curious as to what he ate for lunch yesterday, and when he told me that I was happy for him but oh, it made me want a burrito/fajita bowl. See, you're supposed to have one or the other. Burrito bowl has rice and beans as the base, then the salsa etc. The Fajita bowl has rice and peppers and onions as the base. But I get beans and peppers and onions, then two kinds of salsa (mild and medium), lettuce and guacamole.

For dinner tonight I made my own rendition of my favorite Chipotle food. I combined six slices of skillet fried polenta, black beans and kidney beans (seasoned with garlic powder--leftover from two days ago), baby spinach, sauteed orange bell pepper and sweet onion, one tomato cut up and guacamole. I blended three avocados along with garlic powder, 1/4 sweet onion (would have preferred red onion) and a little medium salsa. YUM! Are you thinking, THREE avocados? Maybe not because you already know I have a family. The girls joined me in partaking of the amazing guacamole. They also had a serving of the beans, raw pepper slices and wheat thins. I tell ya, I was full after my meal. I'd only had an apple for breakfast and a small spinach/carrot salad at lunch and a green lemonade in the afternoon, so I was hungry!

(Spell check does not recognize polenta or Chipotle.)

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