Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet

My Interview with Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Diet from gabriellebernstein on Vimeo.

For all those wondering how REAL is this diet and how REAL is this woman, Kris Carr, THIS is the video for you. Her site has vlogs, her community has real members chatting right now, but this video really sums up how doable and real this diet is. Her 21 Day Cleanse started today and her book can be your guide. This is the week she has asked people to buy it because this is the week that counts toward landing this book at number one on the Best Seller's list.

The part I love about this video is Kris tells Gabby that since so much of the rest of her diet is wonderful, that she could continue having one cup of coffee in the morning. Gabby is pretty much willing to give up caffeine, but what she loves is the taste and the ritual. Me too. Kris explains the options there. One thing that is different between me and Gabby: she doesn't drink alcohol. Me? I like my beer and wine and gin and crown royal... And I like a seltzer or soda along with the liquor. So what am I to do? Which am I more willing to give up? Coffee, duh. I'd much rather replace coffee with green tea and green juices so I can still have a drink any evening I choose.

Guess what happened this morning. Knowing it was the start of the 21 Day Cleanse, I logged into the Crazy Sexy Life community and checked out the blog. Will asked what I was doing. I mean, I hadn't even had my coffee yet! (It was brewing.) I said, "The Crazy Sexy Diet 21 Day Cleanse starts today and she outlines all the changes to make today." Will responded, "Can't I start tomorrow? I have pizza heating up in the oven." Whaaaa? I didn't even know he was planning on doing this with me. I'd been talking about how I want to get the book for the last couple weeks and was reading Natalia Rose's book in the meantime to detox. I'd started juicing more. But did I ever ask him to do this with me? I know I'd thought it. "Oh, it'd be so nice if he would do this with me. He probably wouldn't want to. It's like when he asked me to do Atkins with him years ago and I couldn't go one day without a bagel. Why ever would he say yes to giving up meat, cheese and alcohol?"

I proceeded to read aloud Kris's Day One changes which include giving up coffee, flesh, dairy and alcohol. Just 21 days, right?! Right away Will said he wouldn't stop drinking coffee. And what about decaf? He likes the ritual, too. He went on to talk about how he reads a lot of news and nowhere is anyone badmouthing coffee with or without caffeine and giving it up is never recommended for other diets he's read about. Whoa, whoa. This is not a weight loss diet, I explained, this is an alkalizing diet, an anti-inflammatory diet. It's about better health and energy. Coffee, in any form, is acidic. She doesn't want you to start you day with an acidic drink. So in the end, he agreed that he could do this for 21 days, but he's keeping coffee. For 21 days: No cheese? No meat? Not even fish!? (We'll probably have salmon.) No..... alcohol? He says he can do it.

We're allowing eggs during the cleanse, too.

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