Sunday, January 23, 2011

8 Questions for my 8 year old

I did this last year with both my girls and S has certainly changed. She seems a bit more jaded, really. Half way through, she interviews me.

Me: What is your favorite book of all time?

S: American Girl books.

Me: Which one?

S: I don't know, I love all of them.

Me: If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would go with you?

S: I'd go to Williamsburg again and my Grandma and Elfie would come with me. Or I might go to some of the places that some of the American Girls lived so I could check it out and see what it was like. And I hope they have scenes of, like, what it looked like back then and things.

Me: Okay. If you could live in any time period of the past, when would you like to live?

S: In the Colony times...1776, you know. Because I think it would be like really cool there, to like live there and live in that time because it was a really cool experience and I could learn what it was like back then.

Me: Do you have any ideas on careers you'd like to have when you grow up?

S: Well, I'd like to be a teacher but I haven't decided which grade to be yet.

Me: When you are a teenager, what will you look like?

S: Uh, I don't know. Cuz I can't see the future.

Me: If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

S: Singing. And dancing. And both of them would be seperate because I would have a career for singing and a career for dancing and I might be a teacher and I probably won't be famous when I grow up. And I think I want to be a, um, second grade teacher.

Me: What is your relationship like with your mother?

S: Uh, that's a very good question. I don't feel like talking about that to share with other strangers. You'd better not type that in mom.

Me: Okay.

S: It's a little embarrassing to say it on this thing whatever you're doing because it's my very own business.

Me: The people who read this, who are strangers, don't know who we are. I don't use your name on here or put pictures up.

S: But I don't thin kit's good to share our own private business with other people even if they don't know who we are. I mean, it still matters. It's our private business, they can't go snooping around trying to get it.

Me: You know Nana and Aunt L and Aunt E and Grandma sometimes read my blog.

S: Well, I don't want to share what my... they probably know what ti's liek to have children anyway, except for the people in my family who don't yet, but they probably will.

Me: Could you just share with me what your relationship is like with your mother and I won't type it?

S: (Silence.)

Me: Moving on.

S: (Laughs.) Ha.

Me: Last question. Let's make it a good one. Why are you up at 10:15 pm?

S: Okay, we shoudl probably already have the answer to that one. I can't get asleep. Now it's not because of my light on, it's because of...well, I did get up at eight-something this morning, I think. So, I'm very much not tired. Actually I feel like I could stay up and read for my whole life actually.

S: What's the capital of North Dakota.

Me: Bismark?

S: What did you think when a girl's father mistaked Uncle L for his daughter?

Me: I thought it was funny. It was reasonable because they were both little kids, the same size and the same hair cut, so from the stands when the kids played little league, they looked the same.

S: What's it like staying up for a very long time at night?

Me: It's pretty much like the day time, without sunlight or children running around. It's quiet.

S: Okay. Here's an opinion. I know that, well, nevermind, backspace it, backspace, hahahaha! (She's reading over my shoulder and laughing.)

Me: Go on, what's your opinion?

S: Well, don't think it's like... grownups have to stay up late. Well, they don't have to stay up late at night, but I dont' see why they do. I mean you rather should like go to bed because then when you get up in the morning you won't be such a crankpot and deal with crankpot kids.

Me: Alright. It really is time for us both to get to bed. 6 AM is WAY too early and will be here before we know it.

S: Well, no, not happenin' I could stay up all night and dance like a little cute puppy ballerina.

Me: And that shows just how silly you are because you're so tired. Thank you for being interviewed and thank you for interviewing me in return.

S: Please! (In a silly, sarcastic tone. I don't know what she's referring to, but she loves that word these days.)

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