Thursday, December 30, 2010

Step this way

We recently joined a local gym. Will uses the cardio equipment and I do classes. I love Step class and have done a couple other classes, all of which have left me very sore! However, it's great to be working out again after 1.5 years without a gym membership. During our stay at my parent's I tried to exercise, to take walks and play outside with the kids, but then it got harder and harder to stay motivated and winter came and I was done. Life got busy and stressful with a new teaching position for me, commuting to and from school with the girls and planning a move into our own home. Now, seven months later, we are living in an easier routine, living close to school, and loving our own home. And it was high time for a gym membership.

Yesterday I was taking a step class and was having difficulty with some steps I hadn't done and one or two that I had, but had either heard them called something different, or just had forgotten the terms, when I realized exactly WHY it was difficult to follow the instructor. At first I thought it was because I was to the right side of the room and really had to turn my head to see her. Then I realized that I'd been mimicking the woman to my left and slightly in front of me and not having any difficulty doing that and THAT is when I saw it: The instructor was FACING US! OMG! That's why I'm all confused as to what side of the step we're on and which way to walk around the step, which I never found that difficult when I did it regularly. In NC at the YMCA, the instructors faced the mirror, same as the participants. We could see the instructor move exactly as we were and the way he/she looked in the mirror was how we should look. What is this weirdness with the instructor facing us? Granted, they do mirror our movements, starting with their right when we're to use our left. That must be difficult to say LEFT when you're going right.

Oh well, I'll improve. One of the things I like about Step is that it's mentally challenging, which really distracts you from the physical challenges. I'll keep going and learn the new moves and get stronger.

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