Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Lunch Blogger

My husband found me a new blog. The only bad thing: it may be ending soon! It's like Green and Crunchy all over again (that blog is even deleted). Fed Up With Lunch is a blog by a teacher who ate school lunch every day for a calendar year. My husband heard about it on the radio or saw an article or something and asked if I'd seen or heard of the blog, because I do love my food blogs! I hadn't heard of this blog, so I googled and found it instantly. It's had quite the following. Recently the blog was featured on MSNBC. I've read a hand full of posts and the project is coming to an end. I hope she keeps blogging, especially about the transition from processed foods to fresh, whole foods. She had a dairy/gluten free son, so I expect she'll try to eat well after the project and maybe share what she packs for lunch. I am curious as to whether she'll notice her taste buds change after she changes her eating and if she'll struggle with cravings for sugar and fat. I know I did, and still do, sometimes. I fight it off with a cheesy omelet or pizza and then get back to vegan foods. Anyway, the thing I find MOST interesting is the packaging the food comes in. Everything hot comes in individual containers with plastic wrap to peel off. YUCK! Think about all the nasty carcinogens that are in the food just from the packaging and heating process. I'm going to explore this blog some more. Check it out!

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