Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! It was a delicious dinner during which I ate and ate and then ate some more. I never stuff myself these days, but this Thanksgiving I enjoyed it all! (Except the turkey, of course.) Over at Healthy Happy Life I used two recipes: Butternut stuffing and Cashew Cream cheese Pumpkin Pie. Blogger, Kathy, even posted pics of my two pies I made. G, 5, LOVED the pie, especially the creamy center which she referred to as "icing." The consistency is like a whipped pumpkin pie. Very yummy. The stuffing was my favorite. I have always loved stuffing, but this year's stuffing was so very good. Instead of butternut squash, I used some canned pumpkin. The recipe also used fresh tangerine juice and tangerine extract (I used orange extract) and it was SO GOOD! I made vegan gravy with which my husband was very impressed. I'd made it before, but
he always stuck with the real thing. This evening he
didn't realize he'd poured on the vegan version, so he was stuck with it. Really, Thanksgiving dinner was a great meal. I'm thankful to have enjoyed such an abundance and a great family to share it with.
Also, this guy to the right? That's Jack Johnson, but if you had come to my house for dinner and if you were maybe drunk, you'd have thought he was there because my brother looks so much like him it's crazy. I wonder what Jack Johnson ate for Thanksgiving dinner. Fish?
I believe the caption for this photo is a quote from Johnson: "No, for the last time, I'm not Lauren M's brother. Now, leave me alone."

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