Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chick-fil-a cows may not know how to spell, but now they have super powers

When people find out I'm vegetarian the first thing they ask me is, "Are your kids vegetarian?" Then, "Is your husband vegetarian?" Here's the state of things: I only cook vegetarian at home... mostly vegan. All my baking is vegan. Occasionally I consume things at home or away from home that have dairy or egg, but I'm always vegetarian. The girls are permitted to choose to eat meat away from home. Usually I encourage them to avoid beef in restaurants, but when we go out with grandparents, I let it go. My husband is mostly pesco-vegetarian, but also consumes other animal flesh away from home. I am open and frank with my children about the health benefits of eating vegan and about the raising and processing of animals and animal products.

The Veg Blog explains more about the various types of vegetarianism and confusions surrounding the diet.

Speaking of confusion, have you seen the Chick-fil-a comics? Okay, okay, being a working mom is terribly tiring and this school year I have the additional after-school teaching two days a week and it's led to some frequenting of Chick-fil a. Anyway, their new comics feature cow superheros. They have super powers, of course and their goal is to save fellow cows from being slaughtered and eaten in the form of steak, burgers and hotdogs. In one comic about deciBell, who has a very loud moo, everyone in a town is hypnotized to want to eat nothing but beef. One scene shows a man being offered a steak. He responds, "Uh, no thanks, I'm a vegetarian." But then, he's hypnotized. Oh, I forgot to mention a man uses a magic lasso to hypnotize people. Is that some jab at Texans or cowboys? Anyhow, in the end deciBell blasts everyone out of their brainwashed state and the king pin behind the hypnotizing of the town is himself hypnotized to want to eat chicken. Not surprised by the ending as that is the point of all the comics. I was surprised by the mention of the vegetarian. It was basically unnecessary to the story and could confuse people to think vegetarians eat poultry.

One day I'll look back and remember the old days when we supported Chick-fil-a. Until then, it's the lesser of many evils. I also like to go to Arby's where I can get a killer vegetarian sandwich. I think they feel so sorry for me not having the turkey they really load it up with extra vegetables.

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