Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now I'm Super Charged!

Last night the kids had the stomach flu. No, that's not why I'm super charged. This is just where my story begins. At 7:30 pm they were put to bed, then S said she was sick. G fell asleep, but S WAS sick. So I cleaned up what needed cleaning up and got her a bucket and she fell asleep without being sick again. Around 10:30 I checked on G because I was getting ready for bed, and turns out she'd been sick, but hadn't actually woken up enough to realize it and was back asleep. She didn't believe she'd thrown up and professed that it was our cat who'd done it. That was funny. Will got her cleaned up while I cleaned up her bed and floor. Blech. Fortunately, I have not gotten sick and I keep praying I won't. I hate stomach flu more than anyone. I just want to die when I'm sick like that. Colds I can handle, but not stomach illness.

Anyway, both girls woke up feeling awesome! And hungry. I gave them half a toast and watered down apple juice and made them wait for an hour before eating anything else. They were fine and had Irish Oatmeal, which they loved and then lunch as normal. However, S is having a sore tummy again this afternoon. :( Poor girl. Hopefully she won't be sick again and will wake up tomorrow feeling better.

Now that I got you thinking about all that nasty sickness, let me tell you about these amazing cookies I made today! Ha! I followed Dreena's recipe for Super Charge Me! Cookies. I only had enough maple syrup for one batch, but I really wanted to make a double batch, so I added 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1 1/2 tbsp of apple sauce to give it added moisture. They turned out great! I also made half the batch without cinnamon since it bother's S's skin and then added cinnamon and made the rest. I'd forgotten how wonderful cinnamon is in cookies, especially those that contain oatmeal such as these. Whenever cinnamon is called for I generally just skip it for S. Either way these cookies were great. I used cashew butter where it called for almond butter. So so tasty! And they are certainly filling. I made mine small, so I ate three dipped in almond milk. Oh life is wonderful!

After they cooled I packed a bunch of baggies with three cookies each for lunches and snacks this week. I also prepared snack baggies of pretzels and Newman's Os (like oreos, but dairy free). We are set for a VERY busy week! I'm teaching two after school art classes for elementary schoolers, S starts after school chorus and both girls start after school dance. Thank goodness for after care. If something happens with one of the programs and it's canceled or if I'm not there in time to get them at the end of it, they go right to after care. I didn't use it as much last year because G was at a different school in day care, but now with both girls at my school (it's K-12), it's nice to just have them both in the same location for pick up. Also, I can take the time after school to clean up my classroom and make notes for myself for things to remember in the morning.

Here is our dinner: Dreena's Chickpea burgers made with crushed pretzels in place of quick oats (the cookies used the rest!) and asparagus. And yes, that is indeed a paper plate. Sometimes we've had just about all the dishes we can stand, since our hands are our dishwasher. The burger had fresh basil and was delicious! I wanted to eat a second one, but I was too full after I ate this plate. There are still four left, so I'll have them for dinner tomorrow.

Here's to a wonderful week!

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