Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm gettin' out there!

Hey you, my mom, my sister, my MIL, my SIL, whoever else I know and strangers that pop in here every now and then, I appreciate it sooooo much! Check THIS out! It's ME, quoted on Organic Size Me's blog about school lunches. Woopie!

Another way I'm gettin' out there is in teaching elementary schoolers again. I'm teaching two after school art classes through the Young Rembrandts program. It's JUST drawing which is really great because I LOVE drawing. It's the basis for all art. They get to color, too, and really learn how to color well. Can you believe I get high schoolers who do not know how to color or even to use the side of their marker? It's true. It's not their fault if they were never taught how to color. So, I get to do that for little ones and bring back some of the tips for my HS students.

Classes have been great! I'm much more comfortable and confident in front of the students now and I structure class time well. I can feel it flowing more easily. I had to talk in front of the whole HS today at a MICROPHONE! Yikes! I did alright, though. I got a "yow" from some student when I was called up. What's that about?

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