Thursday, August 12, 2010

My first Vegeducation Experience

I've discussed my diet with coworkers, friends, family. But today, I shared information with strangers. My youngest had a speech therapy evaluation today which involved a full IEP meeting. The school psychologist, nurse, speech pathologist and special ed teacher were present. I had filled out a health history form on G in which it asked about the family diet. I wrote that the family is vegetarian, but G is vegan because of her food intolerance, which I explained in detail. The nurse verified some information and stated that G eats vegan. After that I got the following questions: "Does everyone eat vegan? What's the difference between vegan and vegetarian? How do you know what to cook? Can you recommend some cookbooks?"

Isn't that awesome? I explained that the kids are free to eat meat away from home if they choose, but at home I cook mostly vegan. I recommended 30 Minute Vegan and You Won't Believe It's Vegan as two books I use regularly. I said that changing to vegetarian really freed me and I enjoy cooking so much more now. So, some people got some new information from me today.

As a clarification, if you're interested: I am vegetarian at home and away from home. I do not eat any meat or seafood. I eat egg and dairy on occasion, but am moving toward veganism. I do not purchase eggs or dairy (except pizza), but for family get-togethers it's easier to allow them to make things with these. S is basically the same way (at home). Occasionally she'll have cheese. G, as you know, eats no dairy or egg, so is vegan (at home). Will, who increased his vegetable and fruit intake with green juices and smoothies a while ago had never cut out meat. However, since we've moved to our own house, he has greatly cut down on it and is opting for fish instead of other meat. That makes me so happy!

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