Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm super excited to start the new school year. My oldest has already had two half-days of school. The youngest starts kindergarten on Monday. She's excited, but also stressed. And of course, I'm stressed. The feeling of stress takes away my feeling of hunger. I just don't have interest or energy to put into food. Don't get me wrong, I eat. But it's not "fun" like it had been just a week ago. Work definitely keeps me busy and keeps my mind occupied even when I'm not there, so thinking about meals isn't a priority. I don't want it to fall to the wayside, though. I want the kids to have enjoyable lunches and dinners and stress-free breakfasts. That means I have to keep planning and get up in plenty of time in the morning to make breakfast happen. My goal is to keep meals planned and easy and to keep everyone as stress-free as possible in the busy school year. Just hope my own appetite comes back.

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