Monday, August 2, 2010

Goal: Break the Coffee Addiction

Coffee is so good. I just spent a week away from home and enjoyed some delicious coffee--better than I usually have at home. The problem with my drinking coffee is I have to put 2 tsp of sugar and if I'm somewhere where there is half 'n half I can't resist it! Dairy, sugar AND caffeine! I have to stop abusing my body with this stuff. The good thing is I like tea and I can use green tea to keep from having caffeine withdrawal and then slowly change to caffeine-free teas. Green juice in the morning also helps because it provides such great energy and hydration. I want to do what I can to have a happy and healthy winter this year. While I managed to not have any colds this past winter, my seasonal affective disorder was the worst it's been in years. Cold juice may not be something I crave, but it will keep me energized and feeling good.

Plan: Tuesday 8/3/10: Green tea (1-2 cups as needed) with agave.

Wednesday 8/4/10: Green JUICE and green tea; continue with this for a few days and try to just go with the green juice and no tea.


Organic Size Me said...

I was just about to have my afternoon Cup of Joe when I read this...I'm going to heat some water and have a cup of tea instead :)

Lauren M said...

It's been a losing battle. I've been drinking green juice through the middle of the day AFTER I have coffee in the am.