Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting my classroom ready

Will came to school with me today to help move furniture around in my classroom. We did a lot of work rearranging shelving, clearing out trash and recycling materials and removing furniture I don't need. The room just had too much in it. I'm getting rid of two desks, a shelf and a metal cabinet. There was a mountain of trash and recycling in the hallway when we finished and the room has ROOM. I am so glad to be rearranging the room and I'm thinking of the best way to make it functional. The problem last year was there wasn't a proper place for everything and the students and I were overwhelmed with where to put things, so it just stayed cluttered and messy. This year, I'm organizing and labeling drawers and shelves so materials will be easily (I hope!) returned to their correct homes. I also hope clearing out the junk for more space will keep materials from being misused and left covered in paint or glue. When it looks like there's junk everywhere students don't respect things. Plus, I cannot work in a messy environment! It was very frustrating last year. I may be artsy fartsy in some respects, but I like a neat and tidy classroom. I love my husband so much and I greatly appreciate his help.

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