Monday, August 9, 2010

Broccoli Rabe Fail

My mom made some good broccoli rabe a while back. It was delicious and a little sweet. Maybe she added sugar, I'll have to ask her. I bought two big bundles of Andy Boy broccoli rabe expecting the same results. It smelled delicious, but when we tasted it... YUCK! We spit it out. Seriously, I couldn't even force myself to eat it, so there was no way the kids could be expected to. What did I do wrong? I tasted some raw leaves that had fallen to the wayside when I cut it. They were very bitter. I had sauteed it in olive oil with garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice. That's how I do kale, so I thought it'd work great for broccoli rabe too. Not the case! According to eHow, I should have boiled it briefly, then put it in ice water, THEN sauteed in olive oil. Other sites recommend adding some kind of sweetener at various points in the cooking. Well, sugar is out. Dinner is dinner, not dessert. I could use agave, though. I also found out through my internet search that the bigger the broccoli rabe, the more bitter it is. So much for my big beautiful bundles!
Disclaimer: Photo from google image search.

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saskia said...

good for you in doing that. I'm basically in a place where I don't want to deal with it all, the whole vegetarian-vegan thing, my kids are sick of it. It's hard where we live. I think there are seasons for everything, and my season will come again. no, I don't buy meat and cook it, it's pretty rare, but yeah...