Saturday, July 10, 2010

On living sans microwave

Google this: living without a microwave. There are many people doing it for many reasons. There are also many how-to sites. We are not alone. This could be a revolution! We've been living without a microwave since we moved to our new place two months ago. It was something we talked about when we lived in NC. I used the microwave to heat up leftovers and cold drinks that should be hot, but that was it. It wasn't daily. Then I used it even less at my parents where we lived for a year, but my mom used it to heat up leftovers for me. So, we still ate microwaved food occasionally. But, my not using it helped me rethink how I would heat food once we moved. I can't say that I would never use a microwave if one existed in my kitchen. You know how difficult it is to NOT eat the cookies when they're right there in the cupboard. But when the house is free of cookies, it's no problem. Sometimes I make cookies because I want to eat cookies, but that method won't work with a microwave. So, I do without. I reheat things on the stove, in skillets or sauce pans; I reheat things in the oven. It's really not a pain. I think ONE time I missed having a microwave because I slept in and the coffee was just a little too cool to enjoy, but I was too lazy to heat it on the stove or make a new pot so I did without.

My sister was over and said, "You guys need to get a microwave." Nope, I said, we're not. Ha! The look on her face: HUH? Really, we've decided we're not going to get a microwave. We'll just use the stove. Plus, cooking with gas is sooo nice. I've always had electric and gas is much faster. Plus, if we lose power I can still cook or reheat things in my normal fashion.

HUH? No microwave? How can you LIVE? :) Does anyone else go without a microwave, even if you have one in your kitchen?

Here's some interesting reading material on how microwaves work.

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