Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Take a Bite Out of Crime (with your vagina)

This has been around for a while, but it's the first I'm hearing of it. It's an anti-rape device worn in a woman's vagina. It's inserted and removed by an applicator because it clamps down with sharp TEETH on anything inserted into the vagina. It can only be removed from the skin by surgery! Yikes. It was invented by a South American man who thought it was "high-time" someone helped a woman stop rape. Well, it doesn't exactly stop it from starting, but it stops it from continuing. My first thought was this sort of thing would really piss a guy off. One article suggested vindictive ex-girlfriends or wives might use it. If they are presently being raped by their significant others they have a legitimate reason. However, critics are worried it would cause more damage if the man is angry and hurts the woman more, something I think would happen, especially with spousal abuse in the form of rape. Wife beating and raping sometimes go hand in hand already. For someone in that position I would not want them to use this device. Other critics are angry that the responsibility to prevent rape is being put on the woman and suggests putting shock devices on men instead. I don't think McGruff had any of this in mind when he said his memorable slogan.

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