Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Food Blog Plan and Successful Nourishing

My Plan: I have a plan for tonight that involves mung bean sprouts. I have four spring roll wrappers. Apparently, since the last time I made them I didn't fry them, they are summer rolls. Spring rolls are supposed to be fried to be crispy. That is how I like them, but I have read that they can be baked. That is what I'm going to try.

Mung Beans and Kale:
Saute garlic and onion in olive oil. Add shredded carrots and kale, lemon juice and grated ginger. Add fresh basil and mung bean sprouts.

I'll use what I need in the spring rolls. Brush them with olive oil and bake at 350 degrees until crispy. I'm guessing 5-10 minutes.

Then dinner will be a serving of the kale mixture and an egg roll. The girls love kale, so this should be pretty satisfying. I'm tempted to make brown rice, but G is the only one who really enjoys it. I can take it or leave it and S doesn't like it.

Successful Nourishing: During the school year my breakfast was usually a lot of coffee and a toast with vegan butter or natural organic toaster pastry. When school let out my consumption of coffee diminished, but my toast ration went up, way up. I was eating 2-4 toasts each morning. It was an addiction. I'm craving some right NOW! I've had a few mornings of smoothies or green juice, but not many. The number on the scale hasn't gone up, but my year of not exercising regularly and eating whatever I want (within a vegetarian diet) is catching up to me. I feel the difference in the way my pants fit and of course in my energy and stamina. My plan was to eat more raw foods this summer, which I have, but really, I'd like to be raw until dinner like I did a couple years ago. It was very cleansing and it really increased my energy. And it doesn't have to be 100% raw until dinner. Some crackers at lunch once or twice a week isn't a big deal as long as they accompany lots of raw veggies.

Anyway, I've been successful today in giving my body the nourishment it needs.
Breakfast: Green tea and a Smoothie with baby spinach, almond milk, frozen blueberries and frozen pineapple. YUM! It was soooo good.
Lunch: Big salad of organic romaine lettuce, sweet onion, orange peppers, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and feta with organic Italian dressing.
Snack: Banana
It's 3pm. It helped that we were gone much of the day at the library and getting my hair cut, so I wasn't tempted to eat toast! Here's what the kids had:
Breakfast: Hemp Plus Granola Cereal with almond milk
Snack: 1/4 Cantaloupe each
Lunch: Organic whole grain tortilla chips, 1/2 avocado made into guacamole each, 3-4 slices orange pepper each. G had red pepper hummus in addition.
Snack: Vegan chocolate chip cookies I made the other day.

I'll post on the dinner tomorrow. Hope it turns out well. Tonight I'm going to see Eclipse. Yes, the Twilight Saga. I'm a fan. What?

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