Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moving Soon!

We just got access to our new place this weekend! We're still not moving in for another two weeks, but we're able to start moving things from my parents house to our place. Tomorrow we have off school, so I'm taking the kids over to there. We'll take some toys and clothes with us that we don't need and do some cleaning and preparation. I'm going to line the kitchen shelves and swiffer/mop the floors and dust shelves and fans. There are some dust bunnies and cobwebs in corners. Our vacuum is still in NC along with most of our belongings. Will and I took some things over yesterday including a new carpet which smelled TERRIBLE when we opened it. So, we'll open all the windows and let the house air out so the new carpet for the dining room and the girl's new bedroom carpets and new pillows can out gas. I'm also going to try out our washer and dryer by washing new bedding and mattress covers I bought for the girls. Unfortunately, it's a tiny washer, though we have a good size dryer. I am glad to have them, though, and not have to buy our own. So I'll have to bring the new comforter back to my parents to wash. In the future we'll have to find a laundromat that's not too sketchy. Every time I see the house I get more and more excited. It was built in 1953 and was probably updated around the bicentennial. There are eagle light and electric plates everywhere as well as eagle plates around the doorknobs. I like the antique look of it. The best part of the house is the scalloped wooden valences on all the windows, even upstairs. they are white and give an elegance to an otherwise cheesy panelled house. The panelling is light, maybe eggshell white, with a slight grain on the main floor and the upstairs. The basement has a "knotty pine" panelled family room which is the only carpeted part of the house... yet another reason we fell in love with the place. The hardwood was recently uncovered, so the online ads said, and it's a nice light wood. On the stairs you can see the different colored wood from having a carpet on it. I actually like that little charm of evidence of past offenses. Anyone who covers hardwood floors is offensive to me! I love love love hardwood floors. We have a large blue braided carpet for the living room, so much of it will be covered, which protects the floor, but we got a smaller carpet for the dining room that'll just fit perfectly under the table leaving a good bit of hardwood exposed all around. We're so excited to settle in. The only thing I'm anxious about is food shopping and prep. For the last year we've been having family meals with my parents and supplementing food shopping. Now we'll be doing all of our own and I'm a little anxious about it. I know we did it for 8 years before moving in with my parents, but I don't even know where the closest grocery store is and I'm just anxious about it until I know where we'll be doing all our shopping.

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