Saturday, May 8, 2010

I want this

These are glass straws from GlassDharma. That's right, glass... to drink through! I really prefer to drink smoothies and green juices through straws. I prefer to drink everything through a straw, actually, and am very happy with this water bottle Will got me from Camelbak. Drinking through a straw allows me to drink faster. I know I drink more water with this bottle than I would from a regular open cup. Will is the opposite. He doesn't like the straw and doesn't use them at restaurants. If I try to go without a straw the ice ends up slamming me in the face. Not pretty, unlike those straws. Aren't they great? Also, I should get the kids some of these bottles as well. I recently got them Sigg bottles with sports lids and they are working well, but I think the straw would help them drink more water this summer.

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