Monday, May 31, 2010

Community College

I just watched the finale of Community and I am not happy. At first I was a bit stunned, then I thought, well, yeah... there's always been this underlying current between them, but WHAT?! When I watched the first couple episodes of Community I didn't think it would have much staying power. I didn't like the idea of a guy having had a career from a fake degree going to a community college. I wasn't so sure about Joel McHale, who plays Jeff, but then I realized I was laughing out loud and loving the characters. Oh Troy, Abed, Annie... so genuine, so funny. This finale is just bizarre. I guess the twist will basically lead the group back where it was before... JUST a bunch of friends and no more. Hopefully. I like this show and it'd better come back. It's rare that I like ALL 4 shows on NBC's Must See TV. (I know they don't call it that anymore, but you MUST see the Thursday night line up--they're all great!) If you haven't seen Community, I highly recommend watching the episodes on Hulu. In recent episodes they've been spoofing movies, like Good Fellas. That's the weird chicken episode. Go watch it.

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