Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When x-acto knives go wrong

X-ACTO knives are awful. This semester I had one kid get a little stab with one by "accident" from another student. I'm not really comfortable with the students knowing where they are or using them to cut the many things they want or feel they NEED to cut with them. I am without my mat cutter for the time being until I get it out of storage, so I needed to cut mat with an x-acto knife and a ruler. I had made 15 6"x7" rectangles already when... dun, dun, dun! You know.... IT HAPPENED! It's the horror story I've heard from many an art teacher. Sometimes it involves a paper cutter, sometimes an x-acto knife, but whatever it is, it's BAD.

I thought about showing real pictures and probably would if I weren't 1. lazy, 2. with dead batteries in the camera, 3. unsure where the camera actually is, 4. without my cord which is at school. So, these extremely inaccurate drawings will have to do.

First, here is my beautiful thumb without any unnecessary detail:

And here is the weapon:

And here is what happened when the two met (without all the terrible blood):

Don't freak out. I didn't sever my entire thumb! I just cropped it like that for the picture. I did chop off a little cap on the top side towards the fingers.

It happened so quickly that I simply thought the knife had gone into my thumb and I pulled it back very quickly and put my index finger of the injured hand right on the top of my thumb until I got to the sink. I held my breath as I ran it under cool water, but it didn't sting. Strange. I grimaced as blood gushed and then wrapped it in a paper towel and finally, I took a look at it. That's when I saw that it wasn't a gash that would possibly need stitches, but an open wound about the size and shape of a small dried black bean. Mmmm, I love black beans. I went to the secretary and asked if she knew if the nurse was still in. She knew she wasn't and she knew she hadn't been in at ALL that day. Great! Why did I choose that day to do the cutting? I asked for gauze and the secretary got me all bandaged up with pain relieving neosporin, two gauze and four band aids. She had no issue with blood. And my gash still didn't hurt. That's the weirdest thing, it doesn't hurt at all! This happened yesterday afternoon after school and today I wore a finger cot. I also called it a finger rubber and a finger condom. You gotta know your audience and mine is a bunch of rotten teenagers. They thought it was hilarious. hahaha! Look at this great picture I found:

Can you believe this? Look at the top on that one! HA! And that's exactly what it looked like on my thumb over my band aid today.

Since getting home today I've left it open to the air and it is healing so nicely already. Amazing. Good thing I had a tetanus shot a couple years ago!

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