Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moon Cup

For about a year I was cycling with the full moon. It was amazing. There was no need to really keep track of my cycle. I only had to look at the calendar for the full moon to know when it'd come. As my diet got off track, so did my cycle. I actually stopped being able to tell when I ovulated. At first I wondered if it was because I was busier, but that didn't really make sense. Now that I've been eating better, I am able to tell when I ovulate. It's not the most pleasant thing. This morning the pain from it actually woke me up. It radiated from the front of my body through my back on my right side and a little on the left. It actually had me bent over when I got out of bed. The nice thing about recognizing ovulation is that exactly two weeks afterwards I'll get my period. Sometimes I ovulate a couple days less or more than two weeks after a period, so the four week count isn't as accurate as counting two weeks after ovulation.

It's "fitting" that I just found this very interesting device yesterday through a blogger who sells them. It's called a Moon Cup. I really like the idea of this and it seems comfortable enough, but the mess... I just picture the worst. How would I deal with this at work? It doesn't seem practical for a busy lifestyle. But it does seem a good way to cut down on tampon use and could be used when not working. I absolutely hate pads even though I know it's better for you to use them over tampons. The Moon Cup is very inventive. I wonder how many women use them.


Gillian said...

More than you know Lauren.

I sell them in South Africa and there is quite a market for them (once you get your head around the idea).

Join my FB group Mooncup in South Africa...

Gina said...

I've never heard of the Moon Cup, but I have heard of the Diva Cup...pretty much the same thing, and I think they're pretty popular. I know they sell them at Whole Foods. I haven't rustled up the courage to buy one at the store, and I never remember when I don't actually NEED it, to buy it online.