Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Heart Boobies

This is the new cancer awareness campaign and the perfect excuse for teenage boys to wear articles of clothing, like T-shirts (bracelets, when in uniform) that exclaim "I Heart Boobies" and "Keep a Breast." Well, I do heart boobies. They are great. They look nice. They feed babies. They can be stimulated for X Rated fun. Boobs are the bomb.

I do not like boobies with implants. Plastic surgery is great and I'll probably get some nips and tucks in the future (unless my awesome diet negates the need for such procedures--yeah, I wish!) That procedure, I can honestly say, I will NEVER, EVER get. While I feel some minor insecurities about having a small chest, most of the time I am happy with what I have. To make myself feel better when I'm feeling less than adequate in my clothes, I think about sexy celebs such as Kiera Knightly and Kate Hudson.

When I heard on the radio driving home today that Kate Hudson got breast implants I was upset. WHY?! I thought, We lost another one! But, then I continued thinking about it. I understand why she would get natural-looking implants, and they are small, not Girls Next Door size or anything. For one thing, whatever size chest you have, when you have a kid, you can lose the firmness and perkiness you had before you had the kid. The growth in breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the weight loss afterwards can basically, well, deflate breasts. Most mothers will relate to a sagginess that wasn't there before, even if the size isn't too decreased. For some, especially if there is a great amount of weight loss, like myself, the size is much decreased. Maybe Kate felt even flatter, and likely was, than before she had a kid. As I recall, she'd gained quite a bit of weight during pregnancy and has obviously lost it all.
Alright, to each her own. As for me, I will continue to be comfortable with the size I am. Besides, I 'm more concerned about my saggy butt than my deflated breasts! Butt, I'll save that for another post, or not. HA!

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