Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day in the Life of G, a four year old girl

"Hi, how are you? Good. Today I played with my I... I... played with Uncle M. I like Uncle M and my sister. And I like bees. And I like Diego. Bees don't bother you. That's what I like 'bout it. Today I saw Uncle M and today I saw Aunt L. And today I saw all the bees at the bush and they were getting pollen. I like Diego. He is my favorite boy in the world. And I don't want Diego to stop making Diego on TV. And I like bees and they're so nice cuz they don't bother us. In Madagascar Pengiuns there's hornet bees and they're stinging the penguins. You know the king in Madagascar, he has servants. And they get him something always what he wants. The little squirrel likes his feet. The royal king says 'Nobody touch my feet for no reason' and he says 'honey I want honey, go get my honey.' And it was hornets and he licked the nest but there was no honey in it. He run and he went then a little kid came in and he screamed and he ran back out and the penguins killed the bees and came back and the penguins were under the chair. The science penguin said 'Good job, penguins.' The science penguin said 'We are the best penguins.' They runned under the chair before the children comed in. Soooo, that was the end. Goodbye."

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