Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog Shout out!

Here is a shout out to CrazySexyLife. It's a wonderfully uplifting, encouraging, informational website founded by Kris Carr. There are guest writers and regular bloggers who share inspirational stories and informational articles about wellness in every category from spirituality to health to green living. It's a great community to join and I feel it is the hub of my online support group. You'll find me there under Lauren M because there is another Lauren who visits all my hot spots as well. While you're at it, check out her blog. She has Crohn's Disease and is healing with a high raw vegan diet.

I can't recall the exact map I followed from blog to blog, but there is a connected community online and it pretty much stemmed from Kris Carr's blog (before her website launched) and I'm still discovering more blogs. You should too!

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