Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Lease on Life

We signed our lease on our new house Monday (after the thumb-slicing incident). Though we're not scheduled for move in until mid-May and our rent is prorated for a half month, we'll have access to the house as of May 1st! We're THRILLED! That means, and we can move some furniture items we have here at my parents ahead of time. We can also move clothing over and other household items like toilet paper. It'll just make it that much easier when we do the big moving trip. Mid-May, on a Saturday my sister and brother and their significant others are going down to NC with us to help us load up a moving truck, stay the night, then drive to our new place and unload the truck. It's absolutely crazy, but I'll be going to school the next day. My in-laws will be watching the girls so they can have a fun weekend while we move our stuff. We'll let them stay home from school on Monday so they can enjoy setting up their toys they haven't seen in a whole year and get settled into the new house. Then it'll be back to the grind. It's just so nice we'll be in the house that much earlier and getting things in there. I'll get the shower curtain up and extra shoes in the closet and.... oh I'm so excited!

I am certainly excited to get back to feeding my family and myself vegetarian whole foods. It will be tiring, I'm sure, and I won't always want to make dinner, but I will do my best to prepare menus and meals ahead of time. Plus, eating that way is energizing! And it's spring! I feel so much happier now that it's spring. I'll have two kitchens! I'm not sure how this will work. I picture myself in both of them and try to work out scenarios in my head that will work. The main floor kitchen is tiny with just a little counter space on either side of the sink. The dining room is right off the kitchen, so it'd be easy to do food prep like chopping on the table and move it back to the kitchen. I can picture doing meals there and having meals at our dining room table. Baking, though, requires more room. For one, you need counter space to lay out cookie sheets, or baking dishes. And, baking is something I like to do with the kids, which means it's messier. I can definitely see us baking in the basement kitchen. There's a nice long counter and we'll have a table down there as well. But how to divide things? Just put most baking things downstairs and keep a couple things on the main floor for cooking, I guess. Flours and baking ingredients can be kept in the basement (I keep flour in the freezer anyway). We already know we'll need to keep all our extra serving dishes in the basement except for our good china, which we'll probably keep in the china hutch. Lots of fun organizing and reorganizing ahead of us! We'll just have to figure out what works and what doesn't.

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Gillian said...

Happy Home planning. you seem so excited!