Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Best Blog Find EVER!

I need to express how incredibly happy I am to have found this blog: Green and Crunchy. It's about a vegan family with 5 kids (I think) and it is packed full of fun photos and awesome edibles. There are a gazillion tips on every page, easy recipes and proof that kids will eat the crazy, hippie food. I am so geared up to try everything Sheri makes for her family. First off, I've decided to get whoever I can on board and buy bulk. Sheri shares her bulk buying stashes often and it's obvious it is the best way to get the best food for the lowest price. I'm just so excited, but I need to remind myself to take it slow. I'm not starting completely from scratch here, I know what kind of great vegan foods there are, I've just never made them myself. I think it's time to start making my own rice and almond milks and nut butters and hummus and more! Looking at Sheri's pictures of her full blendtec blender, I'm realizing I should get one of those! You can really fill those things up and get great smoothies!

S, my 7 year old, is very interested in cooking and food. She's always had a great appetite and has not been a picky eater... until more recently when I cut out meat from my diet and have encouraged her to do the same. It's been a difficult transition for her, mostly, I think, because we live in a meat-eating house. My little one has less issues and is very happy to drink down any smoothie or veggie juice I make. When I showed S the Green and Crunchy blog she was very intrigued. The pictures of the section plate meals are so colorful and look sooooo good. I get a lot of complaints about food from S. It's confusing for her to have food in the house that I have told her she can't have and she's starting to feel bad about eating meat, though I do my best to let her know she needn't. Still, I acknowledge that she's having these feelings and I think we've hit a turning point with her. Twice now she has told me she wanted to avoid eating the meat my mom made for dinner and both times she gave in and ate it--and enjoyed it! Ha! But, it seems she is ready to be free of meat. It's been 9 months since I stopped eating all meat except seafood and it seems the kids have realized it's not something I'm doing for a short time. They check with me every-so-often to make sure I haven't eaten any meat. Seafood is my last hurtle for vegetarianism. Then I'll have to tackle my dairy issues. I'm betting it'll be pretty easy to get to vegan because G doesn't have egg or dairy due to allergies and once she doesn't eat meat, she's automatically vegan without issue! So, I'll eat like her. I like to make vegan meals to accommodate her and make my own transition.

With the help of this blog and others like it and my vegan cook books and raw "cook" books, I'll have a variety of things to try this summer. I like to keep it simple in the kitchen and I like to have the kids help. When they're involved they're more likely to eat and enjoy new foods. I'm so happy to be home this summer with my children and to have the time to get in the kitchen with my girls and make this summer of dietary transition an enjoyable family event. Maybe we'll set goals together of things we want to make and we'll keep a record of every day we eat all vegetarian or all vegan. Because we'll be doing it together and S won't be in school, she'll be able to feel more included than secluded in her diet.

I still want to meet other vegan moms in person, but since that has yet to happy, I'll rely on this online community. And frankly, I'm obsessed with this blog! Thanks Sheri!!!

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