Friday, February 5, 2010


We're keeping track of our snowfall. I predict 30". Others are more skeptical. I think it's just wishful thinking on their part. It's not that I WANT to shovel 30", but it's just that following weather forecaster Mr. Foot, it seems most likely.
Here is our snow meter Will made this morning:

Basically, we'll be having blizzard conditions here in MD and it's pretty exciting but also scary. The forecasters have used the word "paralyzing" when discussing this storm's impact on the region. It's a huge storm and it'll be VERY cold Sunday so roads will not be clear of snow and ice for quite a while. It started snowing here about 10:30 today and 45 minutes north, where I teach, about noon. We drove home in flurries which were not sticking to the road, only making it wet, so I was very relieved. We got out of school 2 hours early. It's good we didn't miss a day, but for the goal of actually teaching, only a handful of my students actually accomplished anything today. Who knows where we'll be back to school because more snow is predicted for Wednesday and then another storm next weekend! Lots of plans are yet to be ruined including S's first ever Father-Daughter Snow Ball at school. She's been very excited. Also our trip to NC next weekend may not be happening either.

It's very beautiful out my window. Peaceful looking. Birds at the feeder. I would not want to be out driving in it, though. We have plenty of Rice Milk for Hot Chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chips to make cookies... two fridges and two pantries of food. Yes, we're stocked and ready. I hope we don't lose power!

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