Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loved Julia--Julie, not so much

Yes, I'm referring to Julie & Julia, the movie. I have no plans to read the book by Julie Powell. At one point in the movie, during a long sequence about Julia Child, I forgot completely about Julie and was surprised when it went back to her. She was annoying. Since reading an article about her newest book I find her even more annoying. She wrote about her apprenticeship at a butcher shop. Julia really helped her concur meat! She also wrote about she and her husband having affairs. "She blames the "dark void" in her marriage on marrying young and, in part, on the changes that Julie & Julia and surrounding publicity brought to her life." That is where I get doubly annoyed. When people who married prior to age 30 (or 28 or 26) have marital problems, divorce, cheat, and they blame it on marrying young, it is such a cop-out. I'll tell you what marrying young causes: 50 year wedding anniversaries, that's what. It's people's decisions to ignore or abuse their spouse, to cheat, to be selfish and hurtful that hurts a marriage. Also, marrying when issues haven't been worked out or conversations about important issues haven't been had can lead to divorce no matter what age one gets married.

Back to the movie. *SPOILER: It wrapped up nicely with she and her husband reconciling after a little rough patch (he was gone ONE night.) She toasted him as Julia's husband once toasted her. As Julie says in real life, her movie persona is the romcom version of her life. I wouldn't want to see a romcom about cutting up pigs and cows and cheating on your spouse. Good thing Julie left that for the second book.

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